What is Spring Tea?

//What is Spring Tea?

What is Spring Tea?

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What is black tea?

Tea is very much your environment. This is why black tea is seen in different ways. When tea leaves are stacked, if the fermentation and drying are complete, tea leaves are black but if drying is done quickly, but not complete fermentation. The color of the tea leaves remains green and the more it is preserved, this tea is called green tea. A type of semi-fermented tea is also used for oolong tea. Black tea has several types of spring tea, stem tea, ant tea, barotti, broken tea, leaf tea, tea tassel and …


What is Spring Tea?

Black tea picked up in spring is known for spring tea. In fact, spring tea is a kind of black tea. Spring tea has better flavor, color and aroma than tea harvested in other seasons. The best spring tea type is Lahijan Spring Tea, which has 10 to 20 percent more flavor and aroma than summer and autumn tea.



What is the best tea type?

The best tea is tea that is consumed without any additives and chemicals, and its color and smell are quite natural. The natural color of the tea is close to red. The tea does not give the natural color and does not find a thick color in a short time.
The consumption of perfumes and additives in tea is accumulated in the liver and becomes a toxin and is very dangerous for the body and health. The larger the leaves, the higher the quality of the tea.

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